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Dear Customers,

Greetings from Succeed Co., Ltd. The Tokyo-based Japanese hairstyling scissor maker Succeed Co., Ltd. has been introducing its highest quality professional hairstyling scissors for professional hairstylists since it was established as a company in 1985. Working with pride and belief, the company particularly focuses on designing and creating hairstyling scissors ‘to have a clean cutting function,’ ‘to be long-lasting,’ and ‘to prevent damage to hair,” allowing them to be used regularly as your closest work tools. Succeed Co, Ltd. promises to make your work easy, satisfying and stress-free.

Kiyoshi Sakai

Managing Director

Succeed Co., Ltd.

 - Company Profile -

Name of Company: Succeed Co., Ltd.

Establishment: February 1985

Managing Director: Kiyoshi SAKAI

Address: 3-2-10 Negishi Taito-ku Tokyo 110-0003 Japan



Facebook (English): @succeedscissors 

​Instagram(English): @succeedscissors

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- Contact Information -  (Japanese / English)
- Privacy Policy -

Respecting Your Privacy
This notice applies to your dealings as a customer of Succeed Co., Ltd. The confidentiality and privacy of your information is important to us.

Your Information
We and/or our officers, employees, contractors and agents collect information to assist us in our relationship with you. This information is collected from you, from other persons and organisations.

Obtaining Personal Information
Succeed Co., Ltd will obtain personal information by fair and proper means.

Using and Disclosing Your Information
In this section:
"Services" means products and services provided by us to you from time to time including in connection with you  (including, without limitation, the making or receiving of a payment by us on your behalf).

We and our officers, employees, contractors and agents (including third parties to whom Succeed Co., Ltd. outsources the handling of all or any part of personal information), may collect, compile and/or use your information including any personal data (collectively "Data") and any information relating to your purchasing histories, payment transactions for the following purposes:

        • carrying out activities relating to the outsourcing of all or part of the processing of personal information;

        • fulfilling obligations and exercising rights pursuant to contracts with the customer or laws;

        • researching and developing Services such as by conducting market research and data analysis;

        • sending out a variety of notifications about other available Services, such as by sending direct marketing communications;

        • establishment and operation of the Services or in connection with administering any aspect of our relationship;

        • involving our payment system including its interface or interaction with the payment systems of other financial institutions, merchants and payment organisations;

        • designing products or related products;

        • marketing, improving and/or furthering the provision of our services or related products to you by us, or by our partners, contractors or third party service providers;

        • any other purposes agreed with you.

Transferring of Personal Information to third parties
We will not transfer your personal information to a third party without your prior consent except for a case stipulated by a law.

We and our officers, employees, contractors and agents may disclose, transfer (whether within or outside Japan), and/or exchange your Data with such persons as we or they may consider necessary including the following persons for the purposes set out above, with your consent or in the manner permitted under applicable laws (such as the Japanese Act on the Protection of Personal Information):

        • any agent, contractor or service provider who provides operational, administrative, telecommunications, computer or, without limitation, other services to us in connection with the operation of our business;

        • any person (including all Regulatory Authorities whether within or outside the country) when we reasonably consider that such disclosure is required by law or pursuant to the directives of such Regulatory Authorities or is necessary or desirable in connection with any Regulations or Services;

        • any actual or proposed assignee of, or participant or sub-participant or transferee of, all or any part of our assets or business or our rights or obligations in respect of you or the Services.

Under conditions of confidentiality, Succeed Co., Ltd. processes and stores your personal ”Data”.

Sharing of Personal Information with third parties
Succeed Co., Ltd. may share personal data in the following cases:

        • for shipment purposes

        • market research and data analysis

Marketing Our Products and Services
You can tell us not to share your personal data with our agents and related companies for marketing purposes. It is your choice to tell us if you do not want us to market to you in any way or in a certain way, for example by telephone, but not by mail.

Please direct all enquiries related to the disclosure, correction, and discontinuation of the use of personal information as well as any other questions about your personal information to the contact detail below:

Succeed Co., Ltd,

3-2-10 Negishi Taito-ku

110-0003 Tokyo Japan

TEL: +81-3-3876-3196 (Japanese speaking only)

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